Mexico City, Mexico

Walk alongside the poor and marginalized in the mega-cities of the developing world and begin to understand how God can transform lives and urban settings.

Mexico City: 


The Mexico City Metropolitan area is the home to some 22 million people; it is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. With a long, rich history, Mexico City has been drawing people for centuries. In the 20th century, a developing industrial economy and political changes drew people at an unprecedented rate, and millions found themselves living on the outskirts of the growing city. These areas have developed into today’s “marginal zones”, densely populated neighborhoods with high instances of crime and poverty. 

The Mexico City Trek will be partnering with ministry organizations that seek to transform the lives of the urban poor. This community transformation is spiritual, social, financial, and educational. The students will break up into teams and live in the communities they will be serving. The emphasis will be for the students to learn, from both the ministry workers and the people they are serving, the meaning of incarnational ministry.

As students experience daily life and the needs of this community, they may begin to sense God's call to longer-term service among the urban poor. 



June 13-August 3, 2016