What is the Trek?

Global Urban Trek Promotional from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.


Students and recent graduates are welcome on the Global Urban Trek. While on the Global Urban Trek, they'll live in slum communities around the world. While in these communities, they'll volunteer their time in service ministries alongside the poor of those communities and seeking to love the poor as Jesus does. Participants will be asked to seriously consider long-term service to the poor in the future.


What to expect?

Upon acceptance, participants will be given materials to assist them in fundraising and some books to educate them on urban realities. The Trek begins with a week of orientation in June. During these days, the Global Urban Trek teams will meet together to examine issues of urbanization, justice, ethnic conflict, poverty and the Christian faith. Once in the host country, students volunteer to work with a variety of urban ministries. They will need to approach ministry flexibly; ministries may change, and the ministries may put students to work in relatively humble ways. While living among the urban poor, the objective is to walk alongside the poor in these cities and begin to understand how urban settings are transformed. The Trek ends with several days of debriefing and sharing in the original orientation sites. Some students have received academic credit for their participation. Share with your academic advisor the readings and inquire about independent study credit.