Assimilate, Isolate, Integrate!


It is October…Where are you on this spectrum?

Assimilate:You are fully incorporated back into your home culture. You are eating, driving, talking, dressing, and acting like your home culture. But more than daily things like these, you are back to your “old self” – very similar to who you were in June. The Trek doesn’t come up much in your conversations. Your relationship with God and its expression in your community are the same as they have always been. Sometimes this past summer seems like a dream.

Isolate: You are denying your home culture. You do everything you can to separate yourself from the status quo. When people associate you with the United States, you get angry. You feel like people don’t understand that you are not one of them anymore. You feel like you don’t belong. It is lonely, but it is your current reality. You just want to be back on the Trek. The people there are your true friends. God is more real there.

Integrate:You see this summer as a part of your life that is connected and woven into the rest of your life. You know it did not happen in a vacuum. It is difficult at times, but you are trying to reconcile your pre-Trek, Trek, and post-Trek lives. You miss your team, your host family, and the culture, but you are working to incorporate these into your daily life. Your summer has affected the way you relate to people in the United States, and it has affected how you view God. You are excited to tell other people about this Global God, and it changed how you lead your Bible study, which classes you take, and how and how often you pray. You not only remember, but actively seek to live by the commitments you made. The Trek changed you, and you are bringing the new “you” into your current life.


Take a few moments to journal or talk with a Trek buddy about these questions.

Where do you see yourself in this spectrum? Why do you think that is?

What do you feel like you need from God to get you into an integrating stage?

What are the most challenging things to integrate into your life? The easiest to integrate?




-       Make a budget prayerfully, and stick to it for a month.

-       Tithe.

-       Give away as much as you spend on non-essentials.


-       Share at large group, Fall Conference, Winter Conference, Bible study, etc.

-       Lead your Bible study in a 3 week justice series. Ask your staff for passage suggestions if you need help.

-       Start a prayer meeting for your Trek country, or for global issues.


-       Ask God how your major can be used for His purposes. Ask Him if he wants you to change your major.

-       Tutor people at your university who are usually overlooked.

-       Join a human rights group on campus.

-       Volunteer with a campus organization for disabled students.


You know the ways God challenged and spurred you on this summer to become more like him, continue to pursue the calling you received and the commitments you made. 


They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for all generations.

- Isaiah 61:4