January . February . March

Pray for students and staff who are thinking about coming on the Global Urban Trek. Pray for parents to give approval to their children to go overseas. Pray for directors to be discerning as they chose their teams of staff and students.


March . April . May

Pray that funds for all students and staff would come in. Pray for preparation as students read, pray, and anticipate the summer Trek experience.



Pray for students as they get to know their teammates. Ask God to knit people into a community. Pray for worship times, that God would meet the students and speak to them out of their adoration of Him. Pray for students as they begin to seriously focus on the possibility of a life of service to the poor.



Pray for on-site orientations. Ask God to help students really understand the situations they will face. Pray that ministries would welcome students and help them engage with the poor. Pray that students would adjust quickly to the culture and make strides in language learning. Pray for the participants who become overwhelmed with the conditions surrounding the poor. Pray for protection from illness. Pray for power to overcome discouragement. Ask God to clarify his call on the lives of students. Pray he will raise up servants to the poor. Pray for a second wind to refresh the teams the last few weeks of the Trek.



Pray for safe travel and quick adjustment to North American time, food and culture. Pray for quiet hearts to hear the call of God. Pray for students to make committments to serve the urban poor. Pray for broken relationships and hurt feelings. Ask God to grow students in their ability to love each other and the poor. Pray for holiness and protection from impure thoughts, words and actions as they reenter into U.S. culture.


September . October . November . December

Pray that the Post-Trek Reader would help students to process their summers. Pray that students would integrate their summers into their lives on campus. Pray that returning Trek students would share their experiences with others and encourage others to consider going on the Trek. Pray for the selection of the right directors to lead the Trek next summer.