North Africa

This Trek takes students to the land that saw Joseph rise to power, the people of Israel enslaved, the mass exodus of millions of those slaves, the flight of the toddler Jesus from genocide, and the arrival of Mark the Evangelist. One of the oldest church communities outside of Jerusalem, for nearly two thousand years these Christians have steadfastly cultivated rich, disciplined faith. Students will stay in the heart of this community, learning from elders of the faith whose practices have passed from generation to generation.

In this community, students witness the life of a church who knows suffering. These believers constitute less than 10% of the country’s population and have lost jobs, influence, and opportunity. Students will serve in health clinics, schools, and community organizing groups, and will worship in one of the largest and most well-known church spaces in the region. Here, we trust students will meditate on not only the God who works mighty miracles, but also on the longsuffering God who never slumbers, sleeps, or changes through the ages.


June 19 – August 2, 2017


Student expenses for a summer total around $4000. But, in lieu of a fixed cost - the Trek asks students to set a fundraising goal based on historic cost and each students’ background. Talk to your director or email us with questions and concerns.


$50 application fee before March 1. $100 application fee until April 1st when applications close. Please contact us if this is a barrier for you.