Change My Life - July 22, 2013

After Chimalhuacan for almost two weeks life had started to become ordinary. We finally had established a sort of routine and I felt pretty comfortable where we were. My greatest fear though was that somehow the extreme poverty surrounding us would also become ordinary. I didn't want to become calloused. The initial shock of the conditions of our community had worn off.

Then our team did an observation exercise together. We walked around town making observations and then came back and wrote out the questions our observations had prompted. While I was walking I saw a young girl named Karla, who comes to the English classes we teach on weeknights. She was waiting in line with her mom at the weekly food drive Servant Partners helps with. I waved and said "hola" and she visibly became excited to see me. But then I kept walking.

During the time we were supposed to be writing our questions all I could think about was why didn't I stop? Then I wondered why Karla and her family were at the food drive. Could they afford enough food? Why does Karla come to English class? What are her dreams? Will she achieve them? What difference am I making here?

Suddenly the community of Chimalhuacan was no longer ordinary. I was full of questions, and I stsill am. As I take these questions to God he keeps reminding me that he is the God of this city. He knows and sees all that occurs. He desires more for his children. I'm praying that I will desire more for them as well. I'm praying that Karla will change my life.