Welcomed In

There are only a few days left for me at Sari Bari and I am trying to take advantage of my remaining time with the women. To be present, engaging, and interact as much as I can. One day, after lunch, a few of the women decided to dress me up in a sari. I had no opposition, since I always enjoy learning from the women and especially with their playful and joyous spirits, so I welcomed the fun. They wrapped me in a pink silk sari, and finished it off with a red bindi between my eyebrows. They told me I looked like I worked at Sari Bari, and we laughed as they showed me off to the other women. In that moment I realized they had invited me into their culture as Indian women. To dress me up in a sari and show me how to wrap one, just as they were taught by the women in their families. I had been welcomed into a personal part of their lives.