Our team had our mid-trek retreat in the small beach town of Digha. For about three days we were able to get away from the fast paced movement and thick crowds of the city. We let Jesus restore and re-energize us among the beach, fields of green, and coconut trees. But even in this time of retreat, peace, and restoration, I couldn't help but notice the poverty that was there, the shacks for homes. Even away from our Trek city, my mind drifts to those who are living with less, who have so little. Our view of the world is all in perspective. My view of some of the harsh realities of our world such as poverty, was clouded by life of comfortability and ignorance, my lack of knowledge. Being here in India I've been given the sight to really see how people are living in this world. Getting by on scraps and scattered meals, but they are the ones Jesus would have sat with, eaten with, and loved.

- Odua