Manila Underground (MUG)

It has been about a week and both orientations are over. We are about to be sent out to our ministry sites tomorrow. I have for sure gotten more comfortable with the team. I think the dynamics in our team work great for supporting each other. We have learned a lot from the places we have visited here in Manila. We learned about the painful history of the Philippines. We learned about the history of colonization and structures that oppress the poor. All this hurts me and makes me think a lot about what I want to do in ministry. I am nervous and excited to leave for my ministry site. I want to meet my host family and be immersed in the day to day living and culture. 

The exploration of God in another country is incredible and I can feel God widening my perspective. Fasting on all that I have back at home has actually made a lot of time to listen to God. Fasting our control over many things in our daily lives has made me rely on God. I know God will still work with us and keep showing us more if his presence in Manila.  


by Jezrael