Vamos a Comer Ahorita

June 26, 2016 - Mexico

"Ahorita" has become one of my favorite words in Spanish because I feel that it sheds light on how Mexican culture differs from United States culture. In the title quote, “Vamos a comer ahorita,” the main idea is that we are going to eat, but when that is going to happen is not easy to tell with the word “ahorita.” It could be ten minutes from now, or a day from now (granted, our host families would never let three hours pass by without us being fed).

In my five years of Spanish classes, I never heard the word “ahorita,” but I hear it frequently now. While in the States, we want to know in minutes when something will happen - “ahorita” seems to be a sufficient answer here.

As I hear “ahorita” more and more by those around me, I become more convinced that it is the word that God wants to give me when I pray. That instead of expecting an answer in the time I allot for God, I am invited into trusting that God will respond “ahorita.” That doesn’t mean that God will not respond, but to be comfortable with knowing that the response may come when you don’t expect it.

Written by Sierra