Grey brick walls with metal scraps laid on the top serving as homes. A group of people circled up doing drugs.

In addition to our normal blog entry this week, we thought it would be fun to give you a small picture (figuratively and literally) into the world of life in Kolkata on our Trek team.

In Mokattam, we went to the cave churches. The people there are mostly coptic Christian, which are descendants of the ministry the apostle Mark started in Egypt.

It’s 2AM by the time we arrive, in Cairo that is. It’s anybody’s guess what time it is state side. It is even less clear what time our bodies believe it is.

I’d like to show you a picture. However, due to certain current technological limitations I will have to do so via my writing.

With the revolution being brought up a lot in American news and here by the locals, I have learned a lot about why life is like it is here.

We have started cooking for ourselves as of today, Friday, June 28. The past couple of days we have been eating at the monastery right up the street.

In walked Pi Bu with a bloodstain the size of a salad plate on his pant leg. I could smell that his pants were soaked in urine. He scowled at us. Refused to undress. Didn’t want to shower.

The rain stopped as suddenly as it had started. Jordan, Travis, and I had been sitting under the awning of the Soymilk Factory for the past half hour, watching, waiting.