The older woman stopped right in front of me. Turned, slowly. Stared. The train station was busy at this time of day, and people had to halt and sidestep in order to get around her.

Navigating the streets of Kolkata is an adventure. A loud, strong smelling, and often messy adventure. A majority of the time we don’t know where we are going- and usually hope someone else does.

Orientation was nothing like I thought it would be. To be honest, it was the longest 5ish days I have experienced in a while…in the best way possible.

There were almost twenty of us circled in a room smaller than my bedroom. The sweat from the metro and our walk gave the room a physical smell which reflected my own anxieties.

The moment I stepped out of the metro station I fell in love. El Zócalo, el corazón de la ciudad - the heart of the city.

Slowly sitting on the living room floor of my new house, I turned the fan on high and pointed it in my direction.

The trek is in five days and I have already started packing. My backpack is full and I am ready to go...I think.