I am beginning to understand the phrase “the tides of time.”  The push and pull, the ways in which the days stretch, but the weeks slip by like water under my feet.  How typhoons can wreak havoc across the Philippines, time and time again, yet time still allows for a rebirth.

Bundles of power lines hanging in the sky 
Broken concrete roads
Brightly colored houses standing squished up against gray ones. 
Cinder blocks for walls and tin roofs speckled with dust 

During orientation, I stopped to wonder if God was really invested in my journey, if it really mattered so much where I went in life.  After a time of prayer with a staff member, God gave me a metaphor – a slip and slide. 

We have been here for two weeks and we have seen a lot that has changed our perspective. The buildings at our ministry site are all close. A small path is used to travel in the community and everywhere you look there are chickens, clothes hanging and KIDS. We are easily spotted as foreigners. 

Do You Hear Their Voices? 

A year ago life looked really different. 

Two blogs from students reflecting on their time in Manila.