Have you ever looked into a magnified mirror? It is honestly disheartening. It shows you every imperfection, every blemish, every horrible detail of your image.

I ended my first blog post with vigor and enthusiasm about the upcoming month. I wrote, "towards that promise, that hope, we hit the ground running."

Branden, Odua and I had just spent the morning getting familiar with the City of Joy. Kolkata is a city full of intriguing scenary, relentless noise and overwhelming scents.

We have officially completed one full week in Kolkata and with our placements.

My left elbow pokes out of the open bus window as sweat beads on my hot skin, glistening under the scorching afternoon sun.

Today I met Pastor Glen, brother in Christ and amazing example of what it looks like for one to live like Jesus.

When I was very young, I would always run up to my dad’s side and grab his hand, clutching it for dear life because I was so afraid.

It’s as if I’m seeing this city for the first time.