You are the heart of the province / You smell like the pure early rose - Letter of Guadalajara



Mexico City has a history of battling with empires. Once the heart of the great Aztec Empire and later the center of “New Spain” during colonization, Mexico City currently struggles with under the pressures of its massive neighbor the north - the USA. In Mexico City, one sees the lingering influence of these empires’ glory, oppression, innovation, and violence woven throughout the architecture, statues, and culture of the city.

Mexico City is a city of intensity - a city of fierce struggle and fierce loves. One of the greatest of these loves is for the family, and each student will live with a family over the summer, hearing their particular stories, struggles, and prides. During the day, students work with community development organizations. Throughout this time, students consider how their own stories intertwine with those of the family with whom they live, and witness God’s abundantly fierce love at work.


June 19 – August 2, 2017


Student expenses for a summer total around $3,500. But, in lieu of a fixed cost - the Trek asks students to set a fundraising goal based on historic cost and each students’ background. Talk to your director or email us with questions and concerns.


$50 application fee before March 1. $100 application fee until April 1st when applications close. Please contact us if this is a barrier for you.

Mexico City has been canceled for 2017