You Will Learn About God


First and foremost, going on a Trek will ground you in an understanding of God and God’s movement in the world. God is continually at work in the world. Mission is part of the very character of the God who is Love.

Mission is not just something that God decided to take on; it’s in God’s DNA.

When we are able to understand that a loving God is the primary initiator and actor, we can begin to embrace our humble and privileged role as receivers and co-actors. Then our relationships with those we go to in mission can be healthy cross-cultural partnerships in which both partners receive from the other.

When you remember that God moves first, you move from doing a service project to serving alongside others and receiving their service. Sometimes service on short-term trips can be one-directional: “we built a house,” or “we painted a classroom.” But embracing a fuller understanding of God’s work can change what service means.


When you have thought about missions, have you thought about it as God’s initiative, or something primarily done by people? What has influenced your thinking?


  • Urbana Blog: In the Beginning, God’s Mission Mission has never been an add-on to God's purposes in the world - from the beginning, God sent people on mission.
  • IVP Book: The New Global Mission Latin American theologian Samuel Escobar explores how missionaries are being sent from all parts of the world - a truly global mission.

Consider applying for a Trek to learn more about the God who goes out first in mission.