Church - July 23, 2013

In Mokattam, we went to the cave churches. The people there are mostly coptic Christian, which are descendants of the ministry the apostle Mark started in Egypt. Church in the garbage village is very spiritual and social. I would always be reminded about the weekday church services by seeing crowds of people walking to and from church. It reminded me of my home church. Whenever there was traffic on these couple of streets, people would just know that something was going on at my home church. Living in a Christian garbage village community was inspiring to me because most of the people I came in contact with in Mokattam really loved on each other and showed me what it would be like if every shop owner, teacher, garbage collector, or butcher knew Christ. Even though the community is a financially poor community, they are rich in Jesus and it has inspired me greatly. For someone to know the wealth that Americans generally have and not use the language barrier to their advantage was really mind boggling to me. In other places in the world, I have had to pay more than the average person in the community simply because it was known that I was American and could afford to pay a little extra. Jesus being at the center of this slum really created a lot of growth in the community. The community started as a place with many many displaced people living in metal shanties. There was no running water, electricity, hospitals or churches. No one would drive through the community because few even knew of its existence. Now, after a bishop felt led to move into the community, a small church has turned into a few cave churches that Christians visit from all over the world, there are 2 small hospitals that perform life changing and saving surgeries, running water, electricity, and buildings. The garbage village has room for improvement still, but the progress in the past 15ish years has been a work of God for sure. The last night in Mokattam, I witnessed healing and deliverance at the cave church's prayer time after church. To see the Holy Spirit work in these ways at least every week in the community is amazing. I will forever be changed and moved when I remember my experience with Jesus and the church in Mokattam.

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