You Will Learn About Partnership


When you go on mission with an InterVarsity Global Urban Trek, you will go out with a team whose primary focus is on the God who has created a beautiful world and goes out into that world in mission. With that focus, you can partner with the long-term ministries in the places you go—whether that is an indigenous student movement outside the United States, western missionaries serving in closed countries, or Christian community development leaders in urban slums.

The presence of you and your team, instead of being a burden to their ministry, can creatively benefit their long-term work when your focus is on God as the primary actor and on your team’s role as a small piece of the overall work.

God engages the world in its beauty, diversity, and brokenness. When you participate in the Global Urban Trek and see God as the one who reaches out first, you encounter some of the world’s beauty, diversity, and brokenness and have the opportunity to work alongside God and those whom God has beautifully and wonderfully made, doing the things God has called each of us to do.

Learn about Odua's experience learning about poverty on a Global Urban Trek, and how she was able to be present with the people she encountered.

Discipleship in Mission: Responding to Poverty from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo,


How have you experienced what true mutual partnership looks like in ministry? Why would mutual partnership be good?


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