Prepare Financially

The student cost for the Philippines trip is $4,000 and Mexico is $3,500. This includes room and board, as well as International Travel. (Domestic flights to stateside launch site are not included in the cost).

Students will also be engaging in ministry partnership development in a communal/faithfulness-based model. We are our second year into this model, which holds students accountable to the work done throughout the fundraising process. Directors and participants will agree on a financial goal (anywhere from 50-200% of the trip cost) that participants will work toward, and directors/staff will help to coach and oversee student fundraising. Students who complete the set number of tasks by deadlines will be given the final greenlight to attend the trip, regardless of the amount of money raised.

Areas/regions that have STiM programs or group fundraising with a campus/area/regional team of students & staff attending will need to work out how fundraising will happen with the Trek Coordinator, prior to sending students.

Find the Global Urban Trek fundraising manual here, including how to develop a support team and ideas for asking people to become your ministry partners.