Broken Pieces (Samaritana)

I am beginning to understand the phrase “the tides of time.”  The push and pull, the ways in which the days stretch, but the weeks slip by like water under my feet.  How typhoons can wreak havoc across the Philippines, time and time again, yet time still allows for a rebirth.

Each woman I work with holds this same story; although I’ll never be able to learn them all, I only see the part that’s played out in front of me:

The jokes
The lots and lots of laughter
The loud singing

Light pours from them, a contrast from the women we met during outreach, their faces only lit by streetlight.  I pray they too will share in this story of reconstruction.

Today, two women from Scotland showed us how to make jewelry out of sea glass.  They explained how the concept came to them – how broken pieces of glass could become refined by the ocean and then made into something beautiful.

When water seems too high, over our heads, over our houses, only Jesus has the power to calm the storm, to restore the broken pieces.  He knows exactly where they go.  He’s been doing it everyday here in the Philippines.


by Lindsay