Filled with Joy

July 22, 2015 - Mexico

In some ways, the last 10 days since mid trek retreat have felt like us starting all over again on the Trek. We moved to a new community, a new host family, and have begun to work in Conexion Mosaico's summer courses. It has been such an incredible time here in San Sebastian; we've had good days, we've had days where we've struggled, but in all, we are continuing along this Trek adventure.

Coming off of mid-Trek retreat, I felt really heavy. I had just spent so many weeks learning so much about God's character, brokenness, and injustice in Mexico, and about myself and my walk with Jesus. In a lot of ways, I couldn't begin to imagine how there could possibly be more for me to learn.... I just felt like I didn't have space for more.

In talking with Katie and Becca, I began to realize I was not the only one feeling this way. Katie talked about how she was needing to open herself up to God and give over the lessons that she'd been learning to him, a continual process of surrendering and emptying oneself before God in order to be able to receive from him.

Stepping in to the second day of summer camp for the kids in San Sebastian, that was my prayer. After spending the last few days emptying myself and surrendering to God, I told him I was ready to receive.

At camp, I've been at the games station, meaning that I get to spend 3 hours every day hanging out in the beautiful sunshine as 150 kids rotate through camp. I've always loved kids and in getting to spend the day playing different games with them, I just felt so joyful. During one of our transitions, I stopped and reflected on this feeling of joy. I realized that the amount that I find joy in watching these kids be kids is nothing in comparison to the delight that God takes in seeing his children be just that-- happy, playful children. Today, I received joy as it overflowed from my Heavenly Father.

Sometimes when I think about receiving from God, I think it is going to be these really deep or impactful lessons. Today I was reminded that, honestly, God just wants to fill us with his spirit. He wanted to fill me with joy and with the love he has for the children here. I feel so incredibly full and so excited to continue to see the kids this week as kids that God loves deeply ad that brings him joy. I am ready to be continually filled with his spirit these last 2 weeks, walking in the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that God desires.


Written by Marissa