It Was Tea Time

July 30, 2015 - India

Our ministry site, a social business that employs and empowers underprivileged women from local slums, had just received a shipment and we were spending the afternoon sorting items. Plastic containers – some empty, some full – were scattered around the small room we were working in. Stacks of boxes lined the walls and large bags left little floor space. Thirty minutes into working everyone stopped. It was tea time. We adjusted our bodies to be comfortable amidst the bags and boxes and we drank tea together. We talked. We laughed. We enjoyed each others’ presence. I felt that even through the cultural and language barriers, Kenzie and I had become a part of this incredible community.

This moment of peace encapsulated the hospitality, joy, and beauty we witnessed in the community the last four weeks. I remembered the countless times the women served and shared food with us. I remember the amazing conversations we’ve had and the stories we’ve exchanged. I remembered all the times we sat together and enjoyed each other’s company. The women lived so simply, but here at work, Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm, they have created a family. In terms of material possessions many would consider them poor. But as I saw their bright beautiful smiles and heard their loud, warm laughter, I knew they were rich in life, laughter, and love.

Written by Ryan