My Birthday Party - July 24, 2013

In addition to our normal blog entry this week, we thought it would be fun to give you a small picture (figuratively and literally) into the world of life in Kolkata on our Trek team. One of the things we have repeatedly done all summer is mad-libs, which one person makes up, and then the rest of our team fills in the words that have a blank space for them. This weekend was my birthday, which inspired this particular mad-lib. Attached is the picture, and below that (since the writing is a little incomprehensible) are the words written out.

-Catherine, Kolkata Trek Director

My Birthday Party

My name is Jordan (person in room) and I want to tell you about my 24th (number) birthday party. The potential dream day got off to a horrible start as I woke up with the leprosy (disease). Terrified of how this would conflict with pin the tale on the dog (animal) and the piñata later, I tried to blog this out and enjoy my dahl (food) with chai for breakfast. With the leprosy (same disease) still present, my patience was wearing thin and I grew very confused (emotion). In my head I was thinking “this was going to be the greatest day of my life, so what if I’m in Seattle (city) it’s not fair that I’m sick”. Then it occurred to me that my sickness will not stop the most complicated (adjective est) party ever! After all there will be chocolates and missionaries and squatty potties and smiles “I declare that everyone will love my party no matter what”!