Stay Tuned

July 3, 2016 - Mexico

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had an abrupt change of plans, so now we’re back in Mexico City and in an awkward limbo between where we had been, and where we’re going next. It feels pretty weird to be back where we had orientation, in the city, particularly after having lived in markedly different living conditions for a week. A part of me is ready to go and serve and be where we get placed next, but a part of me is also cautious, wanting to stay on guard with new relationships and interactions to come.

God really provided for us through the previous situation, and knowing that God will continue to provide for us tempers my caution as well (not always knowing every detail of what’s to come - in order to be present in the here and now - is what we like to call “Trekalicious,” even if the circumstances surrounding it are not). If anything, I’d like to make sure I don’t simply forget the previous circumstances as we move forward, but also not dwell more than I need to.

That said, I’m looking forward to working with indigenous students about our age in the weeks to come, at our new site.

Stay tuned.

Written by Jasmin